Windsor Chairmakers – Lincolnville Maine

Windsor Chair

Windsor Chair

Even if you are not in the market for a new Windsor chair, a trip to Windsor Chairmakers in Lincolnville might change your mind. And even if it doesn’t, your visit will at least peak your interest. At the very least, you would get to see Windsor chairs being crafted, and you would get to “talk Windsors” with the pros. The pros being owners Jim and Nance Brown, and several craftsmen and women who truly know their trade, and are happy to share it with you.

Windsor chairs are a vital piece of Americana. A Windsor chair is a chair built with a wooden seat and a high-spoked back. They usually have outward-slanting legs, which are connected by a crossbar. They are often built from steamed and bent pieces of wood. That’s real wood — not processed wood chips glued together — Windsor chairs are the real McCoy. They came to America, from England, so early in our history, that many of our colonists were still living with very few pieces of furniture. These chairs, which could be fashioned from the abundant wood of the colonies, offered early settlers what seemed to them like lush comfort. Americans are still finding them comfortable today. Comfortable, beautiful, and functional. What could be better?

Slant desk & windsor chair

Slant desk & windsor chair

Windsor Chairmakers offers their guests a showroom, consisting of two entire houses, filled with Windsor chairs, tables, dressers, and highboys. One section of the spacious showroom is dedicated to Shaker style furniture, including chairs, benches, and stools.

Each piece at Windsor Chairmakers is individually bench-crafted onsite, in a classic New England barn, and finished in the customer’s choice of paints, dyes, and glazes. All pieces are made with attention and care, and according to the customer’s specifications.



Windsor Chairmakers is located on US Route 1 in Lincolnville, just 6 miles north of Camden. They are open 7 days a week, from June through October, from 9 to 5. During the rest of the year, Windsor Chairmakers is open Monday through Friday. Can’t get there soon enough? They offer various shipping options.

Know that you are in good company when you see your name up on the “Customer Wall.” For over 19 years, Windsor Chairmakers has kept a list of customers’ names. The list is over 4,000 names long. In a time when doing things right, when knowing the hands that build your treasures, when knowing your money goes to real people with real faces, are all rarities, Windsor Chairmakers remains tried-and-true. Call (207) 789-5188 for more information.


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